Our free open-source software projects are released under a BSD-2-Clause license.

Libraries and Development Toolkits
Agar (or libagar) is a cross-platform GUI toolkit. It provides a base framework plus an extensible library of widgets. Applications work under X11, Windows, MacOS, SDL (1 and 2) and others. They can integrate with a window system or run in a single-window configuration (where Agar implements its own window manager). Agar takes advantage of GPU acceleration and textures where available. It is also able to render to a software-only framebuffer or attach to an existing OpenGL or SDL context.
A compact, cross-platform 3D graphics engine with an emphasis on generality and efficient geometrical methods. Implements 3D scene graphs as well as dimensioned, 2D vector drawings. Includes support for geometrical constraints (distances, angles, etc.) as a means of describing the relationship between scene elements, in addition to usual transformation matrices. The systems of constraints are then solved using generic (graph-directed, algebraic) methods.
A portable, self-contained build system with support for concurrent building and configure script generation. It is derived from the original 4.4BSD build system, but it offers a level of portability comparable to the GNU build system, without the need for generated Makefiles. BSDBuild also provides modules for generating IDE project files, preformatted HTML and documentation.
Engineering and Automation
An Electronic Design Automation (EDA) toolkit including design tools, a mixed-mode signal circuit simulator, analysis, visualization and fabrication utilities (including PCB autorouting). Its analog simulator is built from the ground up and complements the existing open-source simulators, notably with its focus on fast, accurate transient simulation.

Edacious includes a powerful Agar-based GUI along with a set of Unix-style command-line tools (the design and simulation process can be carried out entirely from either the GUI or the command-line). Edacious is designed from the ground up to facilitate creation of new component models and specialized circuit design tools (without need for programming knowledge in the case of equivalent-circuit models).
A 4.4BSD-based, cross-platform, UNIX-like operating system designed specifically for the computer control of machinery and instrumentation. FabBSD provides a number programming interfaces, management tools, daemons and command-line utilities.

FabBSD is used to control CNC milling machines, lathes, lasers, spot welders and various automation equipment. FabBSD's kernel design makes it possible to control high-frequency equipment such as stepper and servo drives, using inexpensive, power-efficient hardware, and without sacrificing the convenience of a fully-featured UNIX-like system.
An open-source computer-aided 3D design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) toolkit. The goal of this project is to produce an easy-to-use parametric, feature-based solid modeling system, built around graph-directed algebraic constraint solving methods.

As with our other engineering-related applications, an Agar-based graphical interface is provided along with a set of Unix-style command-line tools. The CAM part of the software will be able to communicate with a FabBSD system. CADTools is work in progress and only aimed at developers at the time.
Server-side software
Also known as csoftadm, this is a server management suite which enables users in a multi-user environment to securely perform common administrative tasks (such as configuring new domain names, setting up e-mail delivery, creating databases, etc). The suite includes a command-line client (csoftadm), a web interface (written in C and running as a FastCGI application server), a C/C++ client library (libmgid), and Perl bindings (p5-MGID).
A high-performance mail delivery, classification and filtering daemon designed to extend the capabilities of MTAs such as postfix and sendmail. mailprocd combines a smart process manager with Perl embedding techniques in order to provide efficient SpamAssassin filtering to massive multi-user servers.
Library for developing next-generation persistent, high-performance web applications in C/C++. It aims to provide a convenient platform with a speed of development comparable to that of interpreted languages, without the overhead associated with interpretation. This library's functionality has been integrated into ag_net library (as of Agar 1.6.0), which implements an independent HTTP application server.

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