Hypertriton is a Canadian company based in Quebec. We design, develop and support free open-source software to serve the public, developer and business markets. We also manufacture made-to-order parts & systems, electronics and research materials, and we ship to customers worldwide.

Located in the heart of Lower Manhattan in New York City (directions), our dedicated-server Unix hosting service Csoft.net has been in uninterrupted operation since 1997. Csoft.net provides web / e-mail / shell hosting on secure, multiply-redundant arrays of Unix servers.

Our software releases includes development libraries / toolkits, CAD and content creation tools, Unix server daemons, and CAM / machine-control systems.

Our fabrication shop is situated close to the ElectronTubeStore.com warehouse, which carries electronic parts, connectors, electrical hardware, a wide variety of metals in all shapes and sizes, chemical products and research materials. ElectronTubeStore.com ships worldwide. Difficult to find materials and items are our specialty, but we also carry a wide range of common and inexpensive items useful for basic DIY and repair work.

If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at tech@ or sales@ (fastest service). Our office phone number is 1-888-655-4977.

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