Hypertriton Inc is a small company based in Quebec. We design, develop and support high-quality open-source software to serve the public, developer and business markets. We also engineer and manufacture custom hardware.

Our Portfolio includes development libraries / toolkits, CAD and content creation tools, Unix server daemons, and CAM / machine-control systems. We have our own Shop, where we can manufacture simple or complex parts out of almost any material, tests prototypes, and build complete systems with chassis.

Now based in New York City, our Internet hosting service Csoft.net has been in continuous operation since 1995. Csoft.net provides web / e-mail / shell hosting on multiply-redundant server arrays, with a focus on security, performance and maximum reliability.

Our web store, ElectronTubeStore.com, supplies electronic parts, connectors, electrical hardware, metals, chemical products and research materials. Generally rare and hard to find items are out specialty. We ship worldwide, quickly and inexpensively.

Hosted on multiple redundant OpenBSD servers at Csoft.net.
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